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ZM-Grow™ Compatibility Chart & Labels

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An example of a farm sprayer filter blockage after using incompatible product with crop protection. ZM-Grow has exceptional tank mix compatibility compared to Oxide, Carbonate and Chelate suspensions.


The jar on the far left shows how clean ZM-Grow is compared to Carbonate, Oxide and Chelate suspensions on the left. Follow the jar test steps and check the charts below.

ZM-Grow™ is compatible with most products. Always do a jar compatibility test before use and check here to see all necessary precautions you may need to make. The mixture can easily be sprayed with a standard crop sprayer.

JAR TEST EXAMPLE - Based on spraying with 200 Lt/Ha water

To Test One Litre:

1) Add 1000ml water to a clean container

2) Add chemical product 5ml [Based on 1 Lt/Ha application rate]

3) Shake container

4) Add 15ml ZM-Grow [based on 3 Lt/Ha application rate]

5) Shake and observe

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