Through the use of sustainable, innovative products Badger Consultants, working with Tracegrow, aim to increase crop growth efficiency and yield thereby adding value for our customers.


We are an independent company with over 40 years experience of giving science based crop nutrition advice and supplying bespoke fertiliser blends, liquids and micronutrients. We aim to give a personal service, always putting our customers first. 

We are the sole distributors in the UK and Ireland for our latest product ZM-Grow™ liquid solution which is the only sustainable sourced zinc, manganese and sulphur based organic fertiliser product. Read More...

ZM-Grow has exceptional tank mix compatibility with other fertilisers and plant protection products. Always do a compatibility test before use and check our chart for more information.

Excellent TRIAL DATA has been gathered in the UK and abroad. The results speak for themselves. 



Using unique technology developed by Tracegrow in Finland, Manganese and Zinc  are extracted from used alkaline batteries and processed into premium-standard 100% Sulphate based liquid foliar fertiliser. Tracegrow's ZM-Grow fulfils all requirements of EC legislation concerning fertilisers and is approved for use as an organic fertiliser in the UK by OF&G and under EU regulations. Not only is ZM-Grow proven highly effective, but it is also the worlds most ecological Zinc, Manganese and Sulphur based fertiliser product in which the two key micronutrients are recycled. To ensure quality, purity and consistency every batch is monitored and overseen by 100% external independent quality control certified laboratories.  

ZM-Grow is available for delivery across the UK and Ireland from our partner distributors in 5 or 10 Litre containers and 1000 Litre IBC's. Product is dispatched from our depot in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.



Read about our first set of NIAB trial data for leaf analysis which verifies that ZM-Grow is absorbed into plant leaves making the Zn and Mn available to the plant.

Read more here...



Payne Crop Nutrition is now able to  energise your fertilisers  by spray coating your straights and blends with ZM-Grow.  This is an extremely cost effective way of adding 100% Sulphate Based Zinc and Manganese  to your soil and crop. We are now able to apply ZM-Grow to any Granular Blend or Straights (TSP/DAP/MOP). Using ZM-Grow Vs other products will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by 50%. Find out more...


Research has shown that coating every granule has benefits to soils and crops even when small amounts are applied. It has also been shown that 100% Sulphate based Zinc and Manganese is available at all pH levels. Read the press release..

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR  TO ORDER GO TO   www.paynecropnutrition.co.uk

Tracegrow receives the Circwaste award

for the promotion of circular economy

Tracegrow recovers micronutrients from batteries from that have previously been wasted in the battery disposal process and turns them into fertiliser. This is a great example of Urban Mining- thinking, where metals from already used and discarded items are recovered and re-used, therefore reducing the need for new mining operations. Hopefully, this kind of new business of the future will show the way for many others! ” says minister Mikkonen in her statement. Read more...

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All the latest news on the Circular Economy and how to reduce your Carbon Footprint.


One of the questions asked today is, what to do with the growing number of spent alkaline batteries? Tracegrow have found an ingenious solution to this problem.


Read our blog to find out more.

This video, taken from an interview with CEO, Mikko Joensuu, shows how  Zinc, Manganese and Sulphur are extracted from alkaline batteries to make ZM-Grow using Tracegrow's patented factory process.


ZM-GROW™ has won several new product awards for innovation. By using our knowledge and experience and by bringing ground breaking products to the market, Badger Consultants aim to remain at the cutting edge of effective plant nutrition while addressing environmental concerns. Micronutrients are essential for plant growth and play an important role in balanced crop nutrition ZM-Grow™ supplies all the essential Manganese, Zinc and Sulphur that your crops will need. Find out more about ZM-Grow™ and the benefits to you and the planet.


Meet Our UK and Ireland Distributers


Hutchinsons are a leading agronomy company  providing the highest standards of independent agronomic advice to farmers and growers across the  arable and fruit sector, together with the efficient supply of a complete range of agronomic inputs.

Before Hutchinsons offer any new products there is a rigorous process to ensure that the product efficacy is validated. ZM grow has proven effective in our own  trials which gives us the confidence to offer it to our customers.


Agrovista Amenity has launched ZM-Grow into their range of turf products. Battery waste is helping greenkeepers in the UK to improve the health of their turf, thanks to the launch of this new liquid fertiliser product.

 ZM-Grow™ extracts zinc, manganese and sulphur from used alkaline batteries to create a unique fertiliser for a range of crops, including amenity turf.

 With limited recycling options for alkaline batteries, the process is not only helping greenkeepers to be more sustainable, but also reduces the risk of toxic substances contaminating groundwater and the environment.



Harlow Agricultural Merchants are now key distributors of ZM-Grow in East Anglia. HAM are one of the leading independent, arable merchants in the region. Privately owned by its staff and local farmers, HAM is focused on giving the best possible advice and service in the four key areas of Agro-chemicals, Fertiliser, Grain and Seed adding value for their farmer customers. 


We are pleased to welcome on board Tarff Valley Farmers who will supply ZM-Grow to farmers across Southern Scotland, Northern England and Ayrshire. Tarff Valley are Scotland's oldest agricultural cooperative having been in business since 1903. 


J Grennan & Sons is a family owned Agri-trading business. They have been involved in farming for many generations and in Agri Trading since 1878. Their trading business has developed from very small, solely retail beginnings, into one of the leading importers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of farm inputs in Ireland. They are now importers and distributers of  ZM-Grow and will supply  customers across Ireland. 


Norman Ogg are farmers and farm contractors in Kinwhirrie. Norman Ogg uses ZM-Grow and has achieved positive yield uplifts on spring barley. He is also now able to supply customers in the surrounding area.

BUY ZM-GROW NOW from Farm Marketplace. Minimum order 20L. Try it and prove it works.

Badger Consultants  are pleased to announce that they are now independently collaborating with Natures Crops International in U.K. 
Nature's Crops International (NCI) is a manufacturer of specialty oils for dietary supplements, food and personal care products. Our oils are produced from the highest quality crops, grown by growers who follow strict management protocols for sustainability and identity preservation. NCI ensures the crops produced are grown, processed, packaged, and delivered in a safe, sustainable, traceable, and cost-competitive manner – from soil to oil… naturally.

Ahiflower growers in the U.K. can now call Badger Consultants to discuss ZM-Grow and its use on this sustainable natural Omega-3 crop


Zm-Grow  with  the added benefit of Copper from a sustainable source. Watch  this  space  for  more  news.


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